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New Release: Times of Harvest

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Times of Harvest is a Christian End Times short story collection based off the End Times Saga series of novels. Currently only available as an ebook for $2.99. Two of them are in the novels and the other two were published individually. ​

Jonathan Tsosie – an Arizona Navajo, who becomes a Christian as a youth while spending a summer with a Christian family in Phoenix. Becomes a law enforcement officer for the Nation as an adult. Helps other Christians as they run from the corrupt federal government.

Laura Hall – A high school student who is the senior class treasurer for her school. Is a dedicated Christian. Ends up at Camp 13 when the government rounds up all the Christians.

Jon Ryan – The family doctor for the Atwood’s in Nebraska. Starts his career around the time the United States Health Service comes into being. Skips around government regulations for many years before the government finds out. Previously published individually.

Xavier Doolittle – The head of the Secret Service at the White House. Is a back-sliding Christian and we read about the back story of what led him in that direction. Previously published individually.

Where to buy:

Amazon Kindle

Apple iBooks

Barnes & Noble Nook

Google Play



Other Retailers (Books2Read link)

If you haven’t yet, please check out The End Times Saga seven novel series, which is available as ebooks and paperbacks. Also available as a box set.

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