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Two new reviews

"Compelling Time Travel Saga May 21, 2012

By James A. Anderson

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful time travel novella. You get to go back to some famous events in American and world history: The Wounded Knee Massacre, Sinking of the Titanic, JFK's assassination, and more with some highly original and unique alternative timelines. This is well written and compelling, page-turning stuff. Ball poses some interesting thoughts about how government could mess up the world if it ever got its hands on such a time device. It's fun to read about it, but let's just hope it never happens. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, just disappointed it ended too soon. James A. Anderson, Author London, Ontario Canada"

--------------------------------- Now, here's a new review for my latest novel, my 7th, Times of Trial. This is from a regular reader of mine who first found out about me by reading The Usurper. Since then, she's given me very good reviews for The Usurper(which is the paperback version, the Kindle version is no longer linked to the paperback) and Times of Trouble.

"Another winner! May 18, 2012

By Dirtboy's Girl

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase This book can be read on it's own or with Times of Trouble. The scariest part of this book is that I can see it happening with the upcoming election. The author draws you into the story and never lets go. You can feel the pain of the characters and can picture yourself in the story. We can only hope that the story doesn't play out in real life." I appreciate all of the readers who have taken a chance on me and have read my novels. Thanks!

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